[Strawbale] First strawbale social housing in the UK

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Hi, not only did the North Kesteven council houses pre-date the Hastoe ones but they (the N. Kesteven houses) were designed and co-built by amazonails now Straw Works Ltd www.strawworks.co.uk
Have a look at their website for current info.
Good news though that a housing association has chosen straw.
best wishes

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On Mon, 2013-09-30 at 12:15 +0100, Simon Blackbourn wrote:
> Just spotted this news story about the first strawbale social housing
> in the UK:

Interesting story, thanks, and its description of the houses as the
first built by a housing association may well be correct, but your
characterisation as the first social housing is not. The straw bale
houses built by North Kesteven council fall into that category and
predate the Hastoe ones by some years:


Cheers, Dave

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