[Strawbale] Press Release of the National Center of Straw-bale Construction (France)

Isabelle Melchior brin2paille at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 12:27:39 CET 2013

Dear Sir or Madam, 

Please see in attachment the last press release about the National Center of Straw-Bale Construction (CNCP) in France. 

This center is unique in the world with a house built 93 years old in wood and straw-bale . 

The aim of the center is to promove, highlight and experiment the straw-bale and the ecological construction following a social and solidarity logic. 

We need support to develop the center : spread the word around the world and donations. 

For more informations : 


Best regards, 

Anna Carbonnel
Communication agent
CNCP - Feuillette
tél. 0 0 335 31 61 80 50
tél. 00 332 36 567 567
contact at cncp-feuillette.fr


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