[Strawbale] 7story SB buildings in France - details

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Here are details and pics given by Vincent Pierré - Terranergie : Bureau 
d'Etude : Thermique - Energétique - Matériaux - Permaculture - 
Transition énergétique. terranergie at aliceadsl.fr

The prefab panels are made of Agepan DWD16
rigidified by wood 40X40mm (1.57") glued and nailed


Density (probably dry) 135kg/m3

Primary wood structure
KLH-board 150mm (5.9") cross laminated timber-box

Did someone from the French strawbale community act as a consultant for 
the straw bale aspects?
Vincent Pierré, member of our French SB Network did the design, defined 
the size, density of bales to use, tested the filling of the panels etc.

Did the architect in the video have previous experience with straw bale 

What are the blue pastic-buttons in the wall (for measurement?)
They are télescope SFS INTEC that hold the bales against the wood 
structure without creating a thermal bridge.

what about the load transfer of the modules, are they just fixed on the 
KLH-board (cross laminated timber-box)?
The loads descend through the uprights on the exterior that form I beams 
and are supported by the foundation.

Do you know, did they only cut the strings of the bales or did they fill 
in loose straw as well to avoid gaps?
They checked if the cutting of the strings sufficed for filling the 
holes (and it did)
The bales are compressed to achieve 135kg/m3 and are 2cm (0.78") shorter 
than the space to fill. After cutting the strings there are no more 
empty spots.

And a little correction : Acording to Passiv Haus standard (15 kWh/m2) 
this social housing should NOT exceed 130€ per year for heating, 
cooling, ventilation and warm water costs for an appartment of 90m² 
(about 900ft²).

André - the sky is the limit - de Bouter

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