[Strawbale] Straw Bale Houses in Europe

Max Vittrup Jensen Max at PermaLot.org
Sun Mar 17 20:35:16 CET 2013

Dear Dittmar,

In connection with ESBG 2011 we did a very thorough inventory of Czech SB
houses. Even so I believe there were 1-5 which we didn't catch.
Unfortunately (?) folks keep building SB houses, so the list is slightly
outdated, I guess there's between 5-10 more now. Here's the direct link to
our google drive spreadsheet, I believe it's ok to share it with the world:
-To those of you with information about new SB houses in CZ: Please mail me
the data in same order as on the spreadsheet, and I'll enter it.
Alternatively, as we're about to leave C.R. for a couple of years: If
someone wants to copy the list and maintain it publicly it will be very

Max Vittrup Jensen
PermaLot Centre of Natural Building
PS: The ones colored in read are the many structures which are not legal
residential buildings. Anything from apple storage to conference center, a
few non-legal occupied houses at well...
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