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Wed Mar 6 21:19:34 CET 2013

Dear balers on this list

I want to deeply thank you for your answers.
I think it helps a lot to have an overview, I made a table what is  
allowed and where.
And I will use it as a peaceful "weapon" against (and for)  
Yet I will additionally keep your ideas and suggestions and fears in  

So here are the answers/results again:

Is it allowed to build with uncertified or not approved straw bales in

COUNTRY		1family	public	thermal		
			houses	buildings	renovation

Austria		yes/no	no		yes/no****
Spain		yes*		no		yes*
Belgium 		yes**	yes**	yes**
Switzerland	yes		yes		yes
France 		yes***	yes***	yes***
Norway 		yes***	yes***	yes***
UK and Ireland	yes 		yes		yes
Slovakia 		yes/no	no		yes
Finland		yes***	yes***	yes***
Poland		yes		no		?
Slovenia		no		no		yes
Netherlands	yes		yes		yes
Italy 			yes		yes/no	yes****
Denmark		yes***	yes***	yes***
Chech Rep. 	yes		yes		yes
Estonia		yes		yes		yes

* under EN testing and architect-certification and/or tests on site
** just with lambda-value of 0,08
*** according to the national sb regulation or performing codes
**** only without official funding or tax cuts
yes/no means in some cases its allowed, in others not, depending on  

any errors?

Anyone out there from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Latvia,  
Lithuania, Luxembourg,
Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey?

all the best
asbn - austrian strawbale network
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