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Tue Mar 5 10:54:21 CET 2013

Hi to all balers outside

A great THANK YOU for your answers, it helps a lot!

As I thought (and feared), the certification in a country
* gives safety to carpenters (if they use these certified bales) and  
helps them with their responsibility.
* but seems to start a parallel process, that uncertified bales will  
be forbidden with the argument,
    that there are certified bales available on the market (even when  
they are not available).

In Austria we have a situation now, where only skilled builders (and  
that means with a special education and qualification)
are allowed to take responsibility for a building, and even if I want  
my own responsibility,
I cannot take it as a self-builder without these special  
qualifications, even for a small experimental building.
This situation stops innovation, as only prooven and tested techniques  
(and materials) are allowed.

I agree, that this supports "industry" and bigger companies, which are  
able to afford tests and certification processes.
And in long terms it stops all self-builders from building on the  
basis of experience, long known knowledge and tradition.

I personally think therefore, that establishing a national building  
code - like in France - is the much better way as a certification  
Although I know, that it is much more work and needs much more effort  
than a (simple) test and quality management.

And my personal recommendation: If you think about a certification in  
your country, nevertheless (which is not my first choice),
do it like FASBA in Germany or (with restriction) the GrAT in Austria  
try to find a non-profit organisation, which makes a mobile  
certification on bales of your choice, independently from the season  
of the year,
otherwise you always depend on the amounts of certified straw bales, a  
company has stored.

yours sincerely
asbn - austrian strawbale network
3720 Ravelsbach, Baierdorf 6
Tel. 02958-83640
asbn at baubiologie.at

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