[Strawbale] ESBG-2013 Campaign has started ! :-)

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Tue Jun 4 09:58:24 CEST 2013

Hi there :)

We've just started webpage for *European Straw Bale Gathering 2013*:

This year we are all responsible for making it happen. Please support it
here: http://www.sponsume.com/project/european-straw-bale-gathering-2013
Together we aim to raise 15000 EURO for this year gathering. We have 29
days for this ambitious goal. This year and future editions of ESBG are in
hands of European Community, in your hands. We need to do this together :)


*1. Send information about this event to your networks*
Last but not least. We need strong ambassadors of ESBG idea. If you are a
national networker please send us an email with title "networking" to
straw at strawbaleeurope.org, se we could make a strategy of how we can
cooperate and let everybody know of what is going on. Sharing this info on
your facebook would help us a lot!
*2. Donate and join the experience*
We need to raise 15000 Euro in order to organize this year gathering.
Please donate what is possible for you if you feel that this event is
needed for european community of natural builders. We strongly believe we
can build stronger cross-national networks in following years but this is
possible only with your support.
*3. Become volunteer.*
Help us in organisation by sharing your time and skills. Our team need
support in graphics, media contacts, national networking, web-editing,
social-media updates.
Interested? Write email with title "volunteer" to straw at strawbaleeurope.org
*4. Conduct an online seminar*
If you are an experienced strawbale builder/networker you can conduct an
online seminar (webinar) dedicated for european audience about  advances in
Straw Bales in last 2-3 years in your country.
Interested? Write email with title "webinar" to straw at strawbaleeurope.org

Thank you for your time :)
Paweł Sroczyński
www.facebook.com/StrawBaleEurope <http://www.facebook.com/strawbaleeurope>
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