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We did a timber frame SB with cirved walls. 
Floor plate was made from 18mm plypre-drilled to take strapping. To keep the curved walls in line we installed another horizontal plate of 18mm ply above the 4th row of bales.  We joined the ply horisontaly with 1mm metal straping.  But next time I will use 2 laters of 10mm ply bolted together or screwed if you can get 20mm screws witg a 10mm clear shank.  Using curved ply in not as wasteful as u would expecy because it will be out of sight you can use up most of the off cuts. 
Because we had a ceiling we put in a similar plate below the top row of bales and jammed in the last row.   But u will want to show off your roof so I would screw the ceiling plate to the underside of of your top bean befote jamming in the last row of  bales. 
This method needs carefull mesurement and compresion testing of the bales befort you start any work but it pays off.  We also used pallet straping (every 400nn) that could be adjusted at any time to keep the middle and ceiling plates level this way we avoided the need for stronger ladder frames.

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we plan to build SB loadbearing roundhouse with reciprocal green roof. The building site is on the slope. The building will be on the flat part and we would like to connect the roof to the slope. The building should be about 70-80 metres square big, therefor it will be about 10m in diameter plus overhang. It will be used as a common house for the meetings, dining and sleeping room...
Could you please help me out with following details?
How to make a wall plate for a round house?
How to connect the roof to the slope? (There can either be a storage room at the back of the building, with the backwall made of stones or just space under the overhang to store stuff and make some kind of connection to the slope...)
What type of green roof will provide sufficient insulation?
Any advices on the reciprocal roof of this size? What size of timber will be suitable?
Many thanks for the answers, especially the pictures would be appreciated.
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