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Sebastien Hubert sebastien.hubert at mc2000.be
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Hello Hubert (is Hubert your firstname ?),

I put your mail again in the european mailing list because you only 
answered to me...

I completly agree with you. Indeed in Belgium there is not only huge 
straw bale houses...

I've build our house as you'll do your's.  As building professional it 
is also a serious reference for the potential customers.  That 's why 
our house is looking as a traditional german house (not really as a 
belgian one ! ;-)

Some pictures of our house are available here :

Our house is not what I could call a low budget house.  I would also 
like to work on a low budget straw bale house.  But I don't want to 
sacrifice some important points.

The house should be :
- really well insulated
- airtight
- using quality materials
- ...

I think the best solution is to reduce the surface, simple architecture, 
put good windows on south (but not too much and not too big because this 
is very expensive), don't build mezzanine (you loose space), buy second 
hands material, ...

What do you mean with sheet calculation ?  Budget, thermic ?

Regarding BBB, I think it is interesting.  I would like to build one .  
It should be coool.

I know one place built with BB : 

Guest houses are built under a agriculture building.



On 06/01/13 17:55, Hubert Simons wrote:
> Hello Sebastien, I read your mail
> Dear Max and everybody, I'm living in Belgium and would like to add a 
> comment regarding your remark. I don't think that belgium strawbales 
> houses are build only for the wealthy folks. I'm personally building 
> our strawbales house and our architect is really dealing with the 
> budget. He is working with "normal" people who can afford the medium 
> price. You have perhaps visited huge houses when you came at the ESBG. 
> They are not all like this ;-) Here is my opinion about the strawbale 
> building and building in general. As a professional builder 
> (insulation, strawbales, earth plaster, ... ). I'm always trying to 
> find the best solution/product/quality to be able to propose good 
> material (and also nice ;-) to everybody. I think everybody should be 
> able to own a healthy lovely house. My goal is of course to target the 
> main stream. I think In Belgium the main stream is meanly looking for 
> a house that is not really different of the neighbourhood. We are not 
> looking for extravangant houses. It means that we also have to show 
> that this is possible to build a strawbale houses that looks like a 
> traditional one. When I say we are building with straw the people are 
> generally thinking we are going to live in a mega organic house. Our 
> house will be an important reference for my job. That's why it will 
> look like a traditional house but with some details that will make the 
> difference anyway. For the next project, I'm thinking about a low 
> budget strawbale house for (for example) a young couple and his 
> child(ren) familly... I would like to show it is possible to build an 
> affordable healthy low energy house. But as André was writing and 
> saying cheap, quality and quick is not compatible... This is thus 
> important to take time to do the things in the right way. Have a nice 
> day (cloudy here probably ;-) Cheers Sebastien Hubert
> So I have 3 questions
> 1.Did you build a low budgethouse?
> 2.Have you a calculation of the house?
> 3.What do you think about Big Bale Building?     ( Atelier Werner 
> Schmidt )
> 4.Is there any BBB in Belgium ( or F, Lux, NL)
> Thanks for answering
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