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Adam Dawson 10088929 at brookes.ac.uk
Fri Aug 16 00:33:06 CEST 2013

I wanted to ask two questions having read through this very informative

1). In the EOTA database of certified construction materials I could only
find one straw product Waldland had certified - insulating material using
Is this the case, and what is the context - are these in-fill bales for a
wall which have been classified by their thermal and acoustic performance,
or insulation as i perceive it, ie within the cladding and walling system
which is of a different material?
If so does the argument to not accept an un-certified strawbale fall short
if the application is not the same, there does not appear to be any
certified products for structural bales - so the argument comes back to
would testing on the basis of say a construction methodology and precedent
of previous projects not be as acceptable for a building technique for
which there are no "products" to certify? Or is the attitude as i ascertain
from the thread that if there is no certificate then the material cannot be
used? This surprises me as there must be a long history in EU countries of
building techniques which cannot provide certified products.

& secondly,
2). Where else in the EU can a builder employ an "Independent Assessor" to
certify the design and construction of a building?

Here in the UK "Approved Inspectors" are part of the building regulations
and I've heard that they are more likely to listen the case for a
"non-standard" construction type and accept a broader range of testing
proof than the more traditionally minded government departments in a
For example i read an interview with one of the directors of this private
firm of assessors:

Many thanks
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