[Strawbale] ESBG 2013: Shall we begin ?

Pawel Sroczynski p.sroczynski at cohabitat.net
Fri Apr 5 12:52:05 CEST 2013

Dear builders, enthusiasts and everybody interested enough,

We are at the point where we can start our game with discovery, sharing and
joyful meetings with old and new friends. Shall we begin then ?

The game is called: *European Straw Bale Gathering*, location is called:
Łódź and there is one and only rule: *be excellent to each other.*
*We are a non-profit called Cohabitat and we are dedicated for building an
open-source ecosystems for future of human habitats. Together of nationwide
society of sb-professionals (OSBN) we are proud to invite you to :*
[image: Obraz w treści 1]

Here's some highlights you might be interested in:

*A - Oh.. the dates!*

Here it is: we are going to meet in last 10 days of August. Exact dates and
more details will be released soon as a PDF sent to everybody.

*B - join the team and co-create*

This is an invitation for those of you who are willing to share *a bit* of
their time by joining* our board of advisors*. If the
design&build process of ESBG  can somehow benefit from your skills,
experience, knowledge, networks, contacts, ideas and time which are*
 shareable* - let us know by replying to this mail. I strongly encourage
you to share your vision for ESBG as well. What works for you best ? I'm
serious...please, express it ;-) We will love you for that!

First step in co-creation is this place: http://padlet.com/wall/esbg2013 -
-- brainstorming, hooray!

*C - let's fund it in DIY spirit*

At Cohabitat we belive in people and their networked force for creating
good. That's why we share our biggest challenges (coupled with victories)
with the entire community every time we undertake a ambitious project. It
works great in practice. Our last Cohabitat-Gathering Festival 2012 was
entirely funded by the 650 polish people via crowd-funding platform. You
can ask *Barbara Jones* how it feels to participate or check it out for
yourself by watching this <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKgdFHkqG_s> final
video footage. No corpo and eu-funds needed, transparency included along
with cooperation of motivated and passionate people like you. It really
makes a difference. If it worked once in Poland with Polish people, we can
do it even better on a wider scale in Europe, can't we ? :)

*That's kinda cool, but how does it work?
> *Please meet goteo.org <http://goteo.org/project/escuela-libre> crowd-funding
> platform that we can use for our benefit.

*D - let's share the vision*

If you are a national networker, experienced professional or a self-builder
we strongly encourage you to write us and organize together a 90min
presentation open for everybody in a form of webinar. In plain english it's
a online seminar where everybody sits in the first line :-) Looks like
this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSGiMtdbfeU.

In this way we can streamline your experiences, vision, message to all
natural-building community not only in Europe, but in the world and at the
same time show that you are part of ESBG project this year. Yep, it will
help a lot.

*... there's a lot more. But we need some extra time for building a cool
story ;-)*

Looking forward for replies from you,
Best from snowy Poland

Pawel Sroczynski
ESBG 2013 Team
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