[Strawbale] new strawbale photographs needed for film

snel at oekofilm.de snel at oekofilm.de
Thu Mar 22 13:07:01 CET 2012

Dear strawbale community,

I am actually making a second documentary film about strawbale building, 
which will be finished at the end of 2012. In the film, I would love to 
include a nice gallery of photos of new beautiful strawbale buildings 
built in the last few years. If you have some nice pictures of 
SB-buildings in your country, and would like to present them in my film, 
please send the pictures to me.

Please let me know where, when and by whom the building was built.

The photos need to have a quality of at least 2 Megapixels (they will 
end up in the format 1920*1080). So you would probably need to send me a 
link to download.

Also, I need from you a guarantee that you are the photographer/owner of 
the photos and that I am allowed to use them in my film.

I am curious to see what comes! Thanks!

Best regards,
Heidi Snel

Straße der Einheit 13
D - 14806 Bad Belzig
snel at oekofilm.de

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