[Strawbale] Full-size documentary movie about you! - (the saga has begun... @ESBG13)

Pawel Sroczynski p.sroczynski at cohabitat.net
Tue Mar 20 11:39:45 CET 2012

Dear straw friends ;-)

Thank you for all warm words I've recevied lately ;-)
Now I'd like to share with ya our first idea regarding ESBG13.

As I've mentioned at polish proposal,  one of our goals is
to straighten spirit of the community at the hearts of *everybody* who
feels part of the European Straw Bale fellowship.

*Nice, but how to do that ?*
How about going back to the roots ? To passion and enthusiasm of doing
things, research them and discover. It's always story about remarkable
people and their endeavour. That's why we'd like to make a full-size
documentary film about you, to undertake a trip to countries around the
Europe and find out what you are passionate about and what matters to you
right now, how you deal with things, what are yours success-stories and
failures - regarding strawbale, but not only. This, I think, is what we all
have in common - constant search for innovation and creativity. We
can literally make some history, make a links between different spots and
people in Europe, event those most distant. That excites me much! ;-)

[image: Obraz w treści 1]
*fot. Jacek Burban filming Polish Straw Bale Gathering 2011*
*Sexy, but what are the possible outcomes ?*
1. That would be OUR project about US, completely run by the insiders about
insiders. This common goal is designed to create strong synergy and links
between peers around. That's the fertile ground for building european
website with vital community, isn't it ?
2. Complete, organised database about buildings in Europe
3. Well updated network of european networkers, undertakers, builders -
working and functional contactlist for future ESBG's
4. Updated information about what matters the most - A ground
for discussions tete-a-tete @ESBG

*Last abut not least... THE MOVIE - with thrilling premiere are ESBG 2013.*

*Great, but how to finance it ?*
Well, let's be realistic - although the story has a great value for for us
Hollywood would not be interested ( but... who knows ?). This value makes
from us a motivated group, and this motivation is a raw power. We can
finance it by ourselves! By the effort of the whole European community and
networkers. Please take a look on goteo.org crowdfunding platform and
this sample
With your help, the networkers, we can reach maaaaany people around the
continent and share the cost together. Imagine 400 people ...
Does it sounds like a realistic plan for you ? What do you think ?

Regardless of the crowdfunding, for sure we will find some institutions and
organisations interested in making this project a succes story. In Poland
alone I know four.

*Exiting, but which people and spots will you visit ?*
That's the matter of our fortcoming discussion. The goal is to reach most
interesting people and places and hear most fascinating stories out there.
You know best where we need to go.

*Awesome, but do you have any experience ?*
Well... the answer is... Yes! ;-) Please meet our crew :

*Michał Napierzyński* - homegrown journalist, sometimes fabulist,
an ideas researcher, promoter of healthy lifestyles, social activist, a
tireless explorer of reality, a trained filmmaker / photographer / graphic
designer and a wonderful friend ;-)

Excerpts from his portfolio :
http://vimeo.com/7725935 - European Straw Bale Gathering 2099
http://vimeo.com/22005530 - Cohabitat Gathering 2011
http://vimeo.com/19086765 - About his "Dobra idea" project

*Jacek Burban* - director,  a trained  filmmaker, writer, networker and a
wonderful friend ;-)

Excerpts from his portfolio :
Polish Straw Bale Gathering 2011 trailer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-djlkIWkgM - Showreel

How do you feel about this idea ? ;-) Any feedback is welcome ! :)

All the best!
Paweł Sroczyński
*architect, project manager*

*Natural Architecture Studio

mobile: +48606484141
www:    http://www.cohabitat.net/
skype:  pawelsroczynski
facebook.com/CohabitatGroup <http://www.facebook.com/CohabitatGroup>
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