[Strawbale] Election for ESBG 2013 Host

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Wed Mar 14 09:56:22 CET 2012

Dear Max, 


The stawbale group of the Netherlands has voted for Poland as host for the
ESBG 2013. 


Can you in the future give people more time to decide. 

In this case we only had one week and we have over 70 members.


I hope our vote helps and love to hear the outcome. 




Michel Post

Chairman Strobouw Nederland

 <http://www.strobouw.nl> www.strobouw.nl


Van: esbgteam [mailto:esbgteam at gmail.com] 
Verzonden: woensdag 7 maart 2012 21:06
Aan: European strawbale building discussions
Onderwerp: [Strawbale] Election for ESBG 2013 Host


In case you are actively involved in European straw bale building you may
want to participate in ensuring a national vote to help decide if the
European Straw Bale Gathering and Conference 2013 should take place in
Serbia or Poland?
Please read the two impressive proposals available through www.permalot.org

Deadline for the votes from the various countries is on 15th. of March 2012.
Results will be posted on PermaLot's web on March 18th. (Obviously this
means national agreements prior to this date).
It is up to each nation to find a way to decide which of the 2 options to
choose, ensuring that there's only 1 national vote: We recommend everyone to
establish transparent inclusive national networks.

We hope you enjoy all of the ESBG 2011 information available on our site (as
well as all of our other natural building offers and information) and will
enjoy the upcoming building season and next years ESBG.

On behalf of the ESBG'11 team and PermaLot Centre of Natural Building.
Max Vittrup Jensen
www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz - www.permalot.org - www.jen-sen.cz

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