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We also had to store our bales for a long period outdoors. We used plastic tarps and also lost a lot of bales because they had gotten wet.
If you need to store them outside make sure that you put them on pallets to start with.
Next, avoid horizontal surfaces. Stack them to form a piramid and put a ball on the top one so that no water is able to form a pool. Because if it does it will make your bales wet either it will find a hole or by diffusion.
Good luck,

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> I stored my bales for a year under a black plastic tarp in the West of 
> Ireland which is quite wet and very windy. I lost 20% of them but they were 
> cheap so it didn't cost that much. The bottom layer of bales which were on 
> pallets were unusable after storage and some at the top and sides also. I 
> rolled the sides of the tarp around a 35 x 45mm x 4.8m length of lumber and 
> hung weights (concrete blocks) along it to hold the tarp down. Big problem 
> was neighbours cat liked to sit up there and the claws punched little holes 
> in the plastic. So a better tarp would be a good idea. I also lived on site 
> and remember spending a fair bit of time making it secure and patching etc. 
> so I would not attempt outdoor storage again - there is the potential to 
> lose them all.
> Ciaran
> > On Wed, 2012-07-18 at 14:50 +0300, Martin Mikush wrote:
> >> Hello
> >> I have cheap axess to strawbales. Unfortunately have no land available
> >> for proper strawbale building.
> >>
> >> I am looking into any ideas for a fast track building process of a
> >> straw bale small house or efficient starage for using them and keeping
> >> them dry for next year.
> >
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