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It's great, in the rare cases where it is possible, to build the roof of the structure first, and store the bales underneath it.  When storing bales on pallets, think about rising damp from the earth.  I would be tempted to put a vapor barrier on top of the pallets, then another layer of pallets or strips of wood to allow a little air circulation, and then the bales.  You could put the vapor barrier directly on the ground, and put the pallets on it, but in that case, you are more likely to end up with water on top of the vapor barrier.  


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> I have seen bales last over winter with no worries if stacked and covered properly, even in the Pacific Northwest of the US which is very wet. Be sure to stack as previously suggested AND add a couple layers of plastic under the top and over the top of the stack. This is a back up to the tarp which WILL fail in at least a couple places. If you live in a windy area, you'll need to secure the tarp all the way to the ground or wrap it tight to the stack of bales. It's always better to leave the sides of the bales open to the air to breathe and dry out if you can, but not at risk of losing the tarp from the top of the stack. Finally, stack the bottom course of bales on their sides (tight to each other to make them more stable). This removes the strings from the ground which very often get nibbled on by mice if placed towards the pallets.
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