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Sun Jan 15 10:31:32 CET 2012

to help with other aspects of the building eg trimming the walls, installing
windows and hanging doors etc.Unfortunately due to insurance constraints, no
volunteers can help with the roof except for loading it up with soil.

I shall be on site to teach and supervise the strawbale building from the
30th September, and if we have enough volunteers, then Be rowan will also be
there. This is a very exciting project despite the delays and I do hope to
see as many of you there as possible. It will be lots of fun and a chance to
meet again before the end of the season. For those of you who haven't worked
with us before, I'd really encourage you to join us, I think you'd get a lot
out of it.

You MUST register with TocH and pay a £10 admin fee to join us in this
project. You can get a form from tochjd at aol... If you have any problems or
difficulties with this, then contact me at barbara at
Don't let the form filling put you off, you can do it once you get there if

For the foundations, you can join the project any day of the week as long as
you let us know, but for the strawbale work you MUST begin on a Monday for
training and induction unless you have already done a course with us, and we
have said it's OK.

Food, accomodation and training is being offered in return for your help.
Directions on how to get there can be obtained from John Dunmore at TocH.

With Best wishes
Barbara Jones

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