[Strawbale] Was Strawbale dome - Now Pre-fab

Max Vittrup Jensen Max at PermaLot.org
Mon Feb 13 18:45:58 CET 2012

> Derek et al.

Things change fast...so do minds. When I first heard about pre-fab I
scorned the idea, now I believe it's the way of the future for SB building.
It's the most effective way to build, it can be done year round, it's
safer, and even ergonomically better!
With all due respect for other continents, then it seems that a number of
companies in Europe are leading in this field. Here's the ones I know about:

The ones present at the ESBG 2011:
Belgian Pailletech: www.pailletech.be (Pre plastered)
Latvian Ecocoon: www.ecococon.lt (light weight)

In UK there's:
Eco Fab www.eco-fab.co.uk <http://www.eco-fab.co.uk/pages/evolution> (closed
with OSB)
Modcell: www.modcell.com/ (solid wood frames)

Between them all there's Dutch
Rene Dalmeijer www.tuvalustrobouw.nl (Out-sourced production to Romania)
and creative wood construction in Austria: www.kreativerholzbau.at/ (Closed
panels; can't tell which material)

And lets not forget that all along foundation boxes have been used by Swiss
big baler:
Werner Schmidt www.atelierwernerschmidt.ch (solid wood frames)

I'm certain there's companies I'm not aware off, and I hope you'd reply to
this post to make the list more complete?

Common to all is a high level of professionalism, presenting a product
readily accepted by the main-stream 'consumer', thus helping to get SB
building out of the decade old stigma's.

Max Vittrup Jensen

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 3:08 AM, Derek Roff <derek at unm.edu> wrote:

>  To counter-balance my negative comments on strawbale domes, I want to
> provide a few links to some interesting and encouraging approaches to
> building with strawbale.  In addition to the well-publicized and carefully
> refined building methods that have been developed over the last twenty
> years of the strawbale building revival, new ideas and techniques are
> always popping up.  Some of them make more sense to me than others.  I am
> intrigued with many of the panelizing systems for strawbales (and depressed
> by the obvious flaws in a few of them).  If this interests you, take a look
> at the links below, one of which I included yesterday.  John Glassford is
> the only person I have heard of experimenting with tilt-up interior
> strawbale walls (150mm thick), as well as other panel ideas.  Chris Magwood
> has a modular panel wall system that I find very exciting and promising.
>  Both these systems apply the plaster/render with the wall in horizontal
> position, which is an incredible help to quick and effective plastering.
> Derelict
>  Derek Roff
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