[Strawbale] Straw Bale Finishes

james james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Wed Dec 19 08:03:09 CET 2012

Are there any dry finishing options for bales using permeable papers 
and/or boards described anywhere?

It seems that modecll and eco-fab seem to have modular cassette based 
systems that build with bales which do not (or at least, do not always) 
use lime plaster and render.

Does anyone know of any resources discussing the structure of such walls 
and their relative merits compared to wet-plastered finishes?

in 'Serious Straw Bales' the point is made on p28 that 'the need the 
inside and outside coats of plaster to provide a cavity of still air'.  
But presumably this can also be achived with a permeable membrane?


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