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Sissy Hein sh at fasba...
Mon Sep 26 19:47:26 CEST 2011

Dear all friends of European straw bale building,

Here a few ideas to the next ESBG in 2013. A little has passed since the 
  last mails to this subject went over the mailing list.

Having been a member of the group that was formed on ESBG 2009 in 
Belgium, I found it a good solution to give avote for the host of the 
next ESBG.
There had been the proposals of Czech Republic and of France.
The National networkers or representatives of national SB organisations 
gave their vote to decide on the hosting country. So every proposal had 
an equal chance.
The program itself (in Siebenlinden Germany, in Belgium and in Czech 
Republic) had been set up by the hosting country itself. I think this 
was good this way. There was no given structure from outside, it 
remainded in the responsibility of the host, although had been some 
input by other networkers or single persons from other countries. I 
liked this procedure.
As it allways requires a lot of people to prepare an ESBG it is already 
a lot of work to coordinate in the preparation group itself. They know 
best what is possible in their country, who is going to be responsible 
for what: how to make the calculation for food and hosting, technical 
equipment and facilities, what kind of SB houses can be visited, what 
kind of workshops can be offered, what kind of accomodation, maximal 
number of participants, setting up program......
All this should be explained in the proposal.

Carols ideas are quite okay, but I would not mind to have it differently 
if it suits better to the hosting country. It is only important to have 
some basic values present: exchange of experience and knowledge, 
networking, updating of the latest development in SB (research, test, 
construction, approvals...), empowerment and creative energy, having 
ESBG should be open to non professionals also, most of the ones 
interested will be part of existing SB strutures anyway.

So I plea for proposals, coming form national organisations (Maybe they 
could be published on the European webside- what do you think Vlado and 
Nora?). There should be a deadline for proposals (Maybe until end of the 
year). And then their should be deadlines for the countries to give up 
their votes.
Somebody (or a group of a few people) should coordinate and try to make 
sure that these informations reach all networkers and all countries. I 
am not sure if the networkers list will do or this discussion list. 
Maybe too many relevant people are still missing.

So I am looking forward to the proposal of Poland and Serbia, maybe 
France and Italy want to consider their proposal again, or any other 
country ????
All of it would be surely exciting in its own way!

These are some suggestions coming up from the circulating mails.

Greetings from Sissy and Gigi
(we were sitting togehter finishing the final report for Leonardo project)

Am 01.09.2011 14:50, schrieb asbn:
> dear european strawbalers, dear max
> the really beauty in this world is, that there are so many views,
> which all combine to one big picture, we call the truth...
> i'm not hurt and there is no need to feel pity for me
> i think, sometimes it is necessary, to provoke a little bit
> to clear the goals and wake us all from everyday routines
> this is what i did, but was aware of the reaction.
> but as some of you said, we both had our 15 minutes of glory
> so lets go on with baling our common future.
> but the next thing we should ALL think about are - in my opinion:
> * is there a need for a better structure in the european network?
> * are the national networkers and organisations cited on the european
>    website really representatives of their countries or should we rely
>    on a more 'chaotic' variety of different people and aims?
> * is there a common base for simple, cheap, natural strawbale-building
>    and professional, passivehouse-like, prefab, high-tech-constructions
>    or should we separate these aims in the future?
> * what about funding and tests: is there a need for more cooperation?
> I would like to hear your answers and opinions
> you are (mostly) the people, we (old) networkers do our work for
> and if you think there is no need for our structural ambitions anymore
> because times are a changing (thank you bob:-)
> then let us know and we do other things, which are necessary to do
> to make this world a little better...
> best
> herbert, the one from austria,
> an old-fashioned strawbale-networker

Sissy Hein
Das Schloss 156
99438 Tonndorf
Festnetz 036450 448839
(Handy 0049 1577 3910141)

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