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Wed Sep 14 07:04:14 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I have an idea which I wanted to present on ESBG but somehow I forgot. I
came back to it when I was invited to speak about strawbale building on the
Slovenian most popular radio station. The question which was also presented
on the world cafe: how to better promote a strawbale building on an
international level? I would get a famous public figure, but I mean a really
famous perons which is also positive in the minds of general public to get
involved in the strawbale building .  Of course he/she would need to have
the sense for global environmental concerns and would be interested to build
from natural materials. Than we (strawbale builders of all countries) would
offer her/him to make him a house for free in exchange for promotion of
strawbale building. Of course she/he would pay for the materials (as money
is not the question I would guess), but we would offer consulting, planning
& building of this "famous" strawbale house. So this would be a world
workshop/gathering, where we would show the great intelligence in strawbale
building to the world. Who would this person be? Robbie Williams? Madona? We
could probably think of 50+ famous public figures who would fit the
requirments but this is not the point. The point is if anybody knows a
"famous" public figure personally who is ecologically aware and might
possibly be interested in strawbale building? This is why I am writing to
you all. To share the idea and maybe get some hint. With this project
we could easily get to the front pages of many newspapers which can`t be
measured in promotional value like anything else. If we don`t find the right
world representative of strawbale building you can perhaps try this trick on
your national level, which would probably be much easier to suceed.

Happy baling
Jure Požar/ Slovenia strawbale building
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