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I live in South Spain, Cadiz mountains and this is the way we do it, I mean

3 Sand    arena
3 Arcilla   Clay 
3 Serrin   Wood sourdust
1 Cemento 
1 Cal    White Hidroxid Calcium(old white paint in southern countries like Andalucia or Mexico.)

 About the mucilago of <nopal, you need to chop 20 or 30 Nopal Leaves into a water deposit, leave them for 1 day, and then use the water to make the Mix
That mucilag is antiparasite, antibacterial and flexible, and make the mix very smooth and easy to aply even with the hands, and after dry, will give flesibility the wall surface, advoiding the craks. 
 Alñso you can check onto www.casasdepaja.org (housesofstraw)
good luck mate.

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Thank you very much for that info, most helpful and encouraging. 


... arcilla, arena, cal, serrin  ... 


There doesn't seem to be any info on the web about this, I presume one mixes the clay and sand together into the desired consistency, like cob or adobe?


Do you know of any websites or books which deal with SB in Sth America?


Thanks again




 > strawbale in español is ALPACAS DE PAJA very common in all s america but in Mexico and Bolivia are thousands of houses,
about the lime mortar, you can ask for ARCILLA, put arcilla, arena, cal, serrin and a bit of cemento,
also use some PULPA DE NOPAL as glue in the water. Rafael.

>> ... any info or resources wrt SB in South America ...



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