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>> Are you looking for recipes for plaster? Houses to visit? People  
>> who work with strawbale?
> Yes, all of the above - but in SA. I'm familiar with the N European  
> way (built a small SB a few years back) but now I'm looking for the  
> SA take on things.
> Thanks for the book suggestions. What's the title of your book?
> cheers
> F

Hi again,

sorry for the delay in responding. Your email got lost in the  

As for personal contacts, write me off-list, specifying which country  
and I will send you a list of contacts.

As for "recipes" for plaster, you should first learn that with Clay  
one cannot give precise recipes. Because every clay is different and  
every sand is different, so the only way to know is to try it. As a  
general rule:
	-if it cracks, add fiber (ex. straw) and/or sand
	-you almost never need more than 4 parts of added material to 1 part  
	-If you apply by trowel, more sand. If you apply by hand, more straw.

The Title of the book is: "Casas de Paja: una guía para auto- 
constructores" by Rikki Nitzkin and Maren Termens.

It can be bought internationaly on Amazon.com

take care,
Rikki Jennifer Nitzkin
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Para cambiar algo, hay que construir un nuevo modelo que hace obsoleto  
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