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Max Vittrup Jensen Max at PermaLot...
Sat Nov 12 17:36:45 CET 2011

I'm also happy for the Czech fire tests, but I can't help wondering why the
Czech tests should have EU-wide validity?
-Because I'm aware that similar tests has been made at least in Germany,
Denmark, France and Slovenia (Other?) and yet it was necessary for the
national Czech building laws to have (expensive) Czech tests made. I can't
believe it's simply lack of translators?

As part of preparing the conference part of the ESBG I tried to find out
where we were at with EU wide building codes to avoid such redundancy in
testing. I was informed that it's simply not happening; every nation keeps
their individual building laws. And that this is why there's not any of the
SB building community involved in lobbying for SB techniques in EU wide
building codes.

I'd be very happy if someone on this list can inform me otherwise?

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