[Strawbale] assault of my earth plaster by woodpeckers

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> I was hoping to get some input as to how to deal with our flickers (like  
> woodpeckers) see
>  http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/northern_flicker/id
> making holes in my earth plastered straw bale walls.  Two holes are  
> large enough for a nest, others are smaller and could be from drumming  
> for territory or mates.  I do not have any evidence for insects.

It should be possible to determine whether the culprit is just a  
Spring-mad male or a nesting female from the markings.

If it's the former, he will cease and desist on his own shortly.

If it's the latter, then perhaps you let her finish her homebuilding  
activity this season but once the nestlings have moved out, perhaps you  
"enhance" her job by plastering the inside of the hollowed-out portion and  
bump out the perimeter a bit to make up for the interior volume of the  
nest hollow lost to you plastering enhancement, with the hope that the  
birds will return year after year in the future.

Or if they are in fact drilling for insects, again, let them finish.  
They'd be doing you a favour by identifying a problem for you.

That is to say, it may not be a Bad Thing just to sit and wait to see what  
it is they're up to exactly and then once you've learned what it is, then  
you decide whether to encourage, discourage or thank them ?

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