[Strawbale] blood finish (GSBN Digest, Vol 35, Issue 21)

Tomáš Znamenáček tomas.znamenacek at gmail...
Sat Mar 26 07:51:29 CET 2011

On pátek, 25. března 2011 at 18:52, RT wrote:

> Since the agar-agar is not being used for human food, my guess is that the 
> process of turning seaweed into agar-agar is less work-intensive.

As a nitpick, agar *is* used for human food, as a gelling agent. (I have just made
a birthday cake using agar yesterday.) As for the labor that’s needed to make it
from the weed, I read somewhere that the process is a bit lengthy. I do not have
the source anymore, a sort googling returns this:

“The seaweed is cleaned in a large washer to remove sand, refined, boiled in an iron
pot and steamed with the pot’s lid on overnight. Next morning, the broth is filtered
with a rag and jelled to form gelidium jelly. Using an ejector, the jelly is made
filiform and finally exposed to the cold.”



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