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Thomas Simkevicius t_shimkus at yahoo...
Mon Mar 21 20:20:18 CET 2011


My name is Tomas. I have been following this mailing list for at least 2 years. 
It has very usefull info.

Could anybody share pictures or drawings of hand operated straw baler. I would 
like to make one for compacting loose bales. I had the tractor compacting bales 
last year, but since  the tactor attached balers in the area are very old, it 
did not compress bales very well. The strings are loose, so I'm thinking about 
recompacting those bales (about 800 pcs.). I know its tremendous work, but it 
has to be done if I want to have warm house :)  I have found some pictures 
online and  understand how to make the box and the handle, but do not understand 
how/where to attache strings so they wouldn't be in the way when loading loose 
bales. Can  one person operate one hand baler, or it has to be another tieyng 
the strings?

Thank you!


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