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For those of you who speak german there is a well-made "trustable" database
on construction-materials on http://www.baubook.at/zentrale/
You have to go to "Produkte" to see the overview about all materials.
Data for PEI, GWP100 and AP are available for all materials/products.

A second source is the study by GrAT (Group for Appropriate Technology)
where you can find PEI for insulation materials including strawbale on page
33/137, GWP on page 34/137 and AP on page 35/137

Mit lieben Grüßen / kind regards
Herbert Gruber
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> Hi everybody
> Does anyone have a construction material guide(s) (conventional as
> well as eco materials) including embodied energy/eco footprint indexes
> that are TRUST WORTHY? As an example, the UK Green Guide seems to get
> a lot of criticism because of its rating system.
> Cheers
> Sara
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