[Strawbale] could you fill in a questionnaire about SB for the SB Leonardo project?

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Mon Jan 31 00:38:33 CET 2011

Dear strawbale builders in Europe

*This is a call to fill out a questionnaire about SB in Europe!*

As you maybe already know, some countries are working together as partners in a European funding programme titled "European Learning Partnership for Strawbale Building". The partners of this Leonardo  project are: Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Spain and UK as a silent partner.

In this mail we want to present you a questionnaire that we have developed to collect general data on SB in Europe with the
following themes:

1*people*: personal profile of you as SB networker
2*organizations*: national data of the organization, in which you are active
3*  training activities*
4*  projects*: national techniques of strawbale buildings
5*  barriers to legal SBB construction*

The results of this questionnaire will help us to continue with other important tasks in our Leonardo project - to develop European training units and European building regulations. We also will use the analysis of the results (= your SB experience) in a next Leonardo project, for which we are in the middle of application with 12 European countries - we have of course good hope that the funding will be granted for another 2 years of cooperation.

As participants of our questionnaire we are now addressing you, a member of the European mailing list of SB networkers.
Here is the link to the questionnaire  <https://spreadsheets1.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGNYLVo1UFB2MkpMWFYtRG9lcWR3SHc6MA>:

So, please, fill out the 50 questions and spend about 30-40 minutes ofyour important time for this SB questionnaire!
Your experience with SB, your opinion and vision will help us tocontinue with the useful work of the Leonardo project.

You all will receive a documentation of the results.
During the ESBG 2011 some of the Leonardo partners will represent aims, progress and results of this current Leonardo project, to share our work with the European SB community.

Thank you very much!
Strawgreetings of all Leonardo-partners
Valentina - Spain
Sissy, Dirk, Burkard and Dittmar - Germany
Zuzana and Boris - Slovakia
Cédric, Dirk and Claude - France
Bee (and Kuba in the beginning) - UK
Gigi and Peter - Belgium


Geert Goffin

voorzitster Casa Calida vzw

Strobouwplatform België

0477 - 03 82 55

www.casacalida.be <http://www.casacalida.be>
info at casacalida... <mailto:info at casacalida...>


*Bezoek onze gezellige Casa Calida infostand en het strobalen 
feedback-filmhoekje op de bio lifestyle fair ECOPOP 
<http://www.ecopop.be/> op 5 & 6 februari 2011 in Kortrijk Xpo.

Hier is een link naar een korte film over het ESBG 09 
<http://vimeo.com/7725935> - Casa Calida organiseerde dit tweejaarlijkse 
Europese strobalencongres in augustus 2009  / dit warme filmpje van en 
door warme mensen geeft jou zeker en vast strokriebels...

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