[Strawbale] ESBG + Looking for Croatia and Turkey!

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Fri Jan 28 10:52:51 CET 2011

Dear all,

We expect to mail the official ESBG call/invitation on Tuesday at noon; 
Patience a little longer, please ;o)

About the ESBG funding for youth workers:
I've proceeded with the application, and those of you who has been 
'lurking' and not wanting to join before you read it, may find it on the 
link below. Perhaps more informative is the link to the very detailed 
activity schedule. Please bear in mind that this is written in order to 
gain a grant. Reality may be slightly different; we still have 7 months 
to go and things change.
During tonight I'll start the next process which includes adding the 
names of the partners and accounting. This means that if you are 
involved in youth work, you're still able to submit our 1 page partner 
form and join the fun! (you find it through below link); It all helps 
make the event look more convincing in the eyes of the grant evaluator. 
Ideally we'll have more partners from the geographic regions not yet 
covered. Here's the current list:

Bulgaria: Green School - Czech: PermaLot - Estonia Equilibre - Finland 
NBCO - France CHIF - France Grapaille - France Gabion - France Maison en 
Paille - Lithuania SBHBA - Lithuania Siaudinukas - Netherlands: Strohbau 
- Poland Cohabitat - Portugal Gaia - Slovenia SB - Spain RCP - UK Green Land
+2 more promised.  [So far I have only received the original from 
Netherlands; please remember to also post it!]
And again: this process is no guarantee for joining the ESBG; it's too 
help those with less finances and the overall ESBG budget.
Part of the particular Czech national priorities is applications 
including Croatia and Turkey; Partnera from these countries would be great!

Text of YiA grant application:

Schedule of Activities for ESBG and the included YiA seminar:

Partner ('promotor') form;

-needs to be filled out signed, scan copy mailed to me or esbgteam at gmail... (not as reply here!), and posted with regular post to; PermaLot, Podoli 3, 78325 Bouzov, Czech Republic. The table of transport costs does not need to be scanned; it's for my use and enough to simply write in an email, or send as .doc.

Enjoy your weekend!


  Ing. Max Vittrup Jensen
  "Jen-Sen: Make it Reality"
  Consultancy in sustainable engineering, planning and environment
  +420 585 15 20 10 - www.jen-sen.cz

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