[Strawbale] ESBG2011 social justice...one more day....

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Mon Jan 24 23:21:09 CET 2011

Dear all,

Hmm, it's 23:15, 28 hours over the deadline I initially set and so far 
all I have is this:
One correct filled, signed, scanned .....and printed/posted original 
received!!!...form from Netherlands! [Wins first prize!]
Correct filled, signed and scanned copies from: Portugal, Lithuania, 
France, Finland and Bulgaria
Incorrect scanned form from Wales, Lithuania, France, and golden 
promises about forms from Spain, and Belgium...
+Our own Czech one.

Altogether 13 partners.... Nice, but not quite impressive enough if we 
are to convince the funding authority that we'll be arranging a seminar 
with a significant impact towards straw bale building education in 
Europe.  It's perfectly fine to have more partners from same country. 
Significantly I'm missing the involvement of any of the members of the 
current Leonardo application about a curriculum for SB building...would 
be nice to be able to write in the application that this it's part of 
the aim of the seminar to inform about such curriculum....

It's at a level where I'm stretching the deadline for yet another day, 
while I'm starting the writing of the application.
Please remember everyone; The 1 page form has to be signed and the 
original posted to me with old fashioned post. Before you do so then 
please send me a scan of it with your signature on (it's accepted as a 
temporary proof of partnership in case the post doesn't make it in time 
for the deadline). The information about the travel costs (based on 
public transport!) is only for me; it shouldn't be together with the 
scan, and I prefer it as .doc or in an email.
Also remember that the description of the partner should include youth 
work, and that it's much cooler not to reply to the list with personal 
question; use my personal email for that, as well as for the filled out 



  Ing. Max Vittrup Jensen
  "Jen-Sen: Make it Reality"
  Consultancy in sustainable engineering, planning and environment
  +420 585 15 20 10 -www.jen-sen.cz  

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