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Mon Jan 24 19:36:59 CET 2011

Max hi! bit of a hick up here. I have the form and would love to send it back but printer is down and therefore cannot scan back in to send it to you. I have tried to get it working but if you can take my word that it is there then you will have it in the morning. I am not a youth worker but hope that this can help funding wise. We are also setting up a NGO at the mo. and this will cater for teaching youths so we are getting there. 

Anyway I hope my word is good. Will send it asap.

Thank you,

Paul Lynch/Manager
The Natural Building Company Oy
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paul at naturalbuilding...

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On 24 jan 2011, at 19.20, Max Vittrup Jensen wrote:

> Thanks Jure; that's the spirit...
> It will take some kind of Facebook/ Avaaz miracle; I still don't have 10 
> partner forms...  I guess I don't have to care; I get in for free, eh????
> ...but I can't help feeling the lack of solidarity is a sign of the 
> times; time's I'm not proud of.
> Cheers,
> Max
>> Dear Max,
>> I am sending you signed partner promoter sheet in order to assure the
>> demanded number of signed forms so people who need the funding will get it.
>> I otherwise don`t treat myself as a youth worker, but hopefully it will help
>> others. I disseminate info via facebook group.
>> Regards,
>> Jure Po?ar
>> 2011/1/23 Max Vittrup Jensen<max at permalot...>
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