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my friend went to Turkey from Lithuania by bicycle. He want to find some
strawbale hause to visit. Maybe someone here has contacts of people who are
building or who are living in straw bale house in Turkey?

Laimis Zmuida

2010/12/27 Sara Tommerup <stommerup at gmail...>

> Hello fellow builders
> I am a MSc student and earth plasterer and am researching how to
> waste-manage soil when used as a building material. More specifically
> I am looking into subjects such as:
> - How is soil recycled.
> - what are the waste regulations on soil used as an industrial/building
> product.
> - Have any other studies been made on the environmental impact of use
> (such as excavation/mining, indoor climate in earth buildings,
> disposal/recycling of soil-waste) of soil in the industry?
> If you have any resources you could refer me to, I would very much
> appreciate it.
> Kind regards
> Sara Tommerup
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