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I like to get in touch with noe solsana can yoy please help me to contact
I have a need of his machine and help for spraying my walls
kind regards

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 2:26 PM, Max Vittrup Jensen <Max at permalot...>wrote:

> I have a load (bearing) respect for the practical and academic knowledge of
> both Caroline and Minke, however the 'instinctive' builder in me believe
> that there's a heck of a difference between using small bales and big
> bales, hence that the research figures are not directly applicable?
> It's more than simply multiplying % m3 of small bales to the equivalent of
> big bales, as the machinery for big bales compress a bale significantly
> more, and the strings are able to handle a much higher load. Look for
> yourself; when you cut open a small bale it goes 'poof' and expands; not so
> (much) with a big bale; it's been compressed 'dead'.
> Last week I managed to make an application for funding of a workshop
> specifically focused on skill share about 'BBB' (Big Bale Building). We
> should know in April if it's funded, in such case it will be from September
> 1st to 1/09, right after the ESBG 2011, and here at PermaLot, Czech
> Republic. Facilitators will be Noe Solsana (F) and Lars Kallesen (DK); 2 of
> Europe's most experienced 'Big balers'.  Even in case the workshop is not
> funded I'm pretty sure that this building development is going to be a
> significant topic for the ESBG, with several 'big balers' present.
> Cheers,
> Max Vittrup Jensen
> PS; have a look at the PermaLot site under download for my M.Sc. comparison
> study between a conventional passive house, and one made from Big Bales.
> There's a fair amount of environmental data for those of you who's in to
> such geek'ism.
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