[Strawbale] ESBG registration trouble

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Tue Feb 22 23:58:06 CET 2011

Dear Paul and all others,

I'm awfully sorry about that! Our site has worked fine for years, and 
our domain server; Permaweb promises 100% 'up-time', however this 
weekend the whole domain crashed. They restored it a couple of hours 
after, but we had to recreate the registration page. As Permaweb is in 
Canada we had communication delays so it took 2 days to get it back in 
order. However that was Sunday.
I have no idea why the link didn't work now; I just repaired it so it 
should be good to go again:


And an update: We now have around 50 participants registered after 6 
days of open registrations. Poland, Slovakia and Italy are 'sold out', 
there's even 2 from Poland who's waiting for available tickets after 
15/3, when we'll sell them all the Scandinavian and Irish tickets, as 
there's no-one registered yet from there ;o)

And a request to all of you on the list: In general our 'SB movement' 
has a hard time reaching out to Eastern countries at these events; 
typically due to costs + travel costs. This time it's about as 
inexpensive as it gets, but we're lacking contacts to 'balers' in 
countries such as; Moldovia, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Albania, 
Macedonia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Ukraine and 
none-the-least Turkey.

Please help us to forward our invitation to any 'baler'- contacts you 
may have in those countries?

It's here: http://permalot.org/files/u2/files/straw_invitation.pdf



  Ing. Max Vittrup Jensen
  "Jen-Sen: Make it Reality"
  Consultancy in sustainable engineering, planning and environment
  +420 585 15 20 10 - www.jen-sen.cz

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