[Strawbale] ESBG 2011 Open for registration

minke at asl...-kassel.de minke at asl...-kassel.de
Tue Feb 15 13:35:59 CET 2011

Dear Max , I am very busy giving workshops and lectures in Colombia
so I have no time to fill out the form and I could not even find it 
within the short time I had
with internet connection.
I hope you can make a reservation for me and I think you have allready 
done it.
Please send me the application form direct to my email and I will fill 
it out and send it back in some days.
I would like to give a lecture on" loadbearing strawbale vaults and 
domes" on friday, as I have to leave on Saturday to my workshop in 
Ganzlin where we will build 3 loadbearing SB vaults.
Best regards

On Tue, 15 Feb 2011 12:13:26 +0100
  Max Vittrup Jensen <max at permalot...> wrote:
>                     Dear all,      The online registration form is 
>now ready on www.permalot.org/esbg2011      It's 'first come - first 
>serve', and initially with max 5 participants per country as outlined 
>in our 9 page invitation. 
>http://permalot.org/files/u2/files/straw_invitation.pdf      Enjoy 
>your day,     Max     

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