[Strawbale] FW: European Tehnical Approval of strawbale as a construction product

donald mchardy fieryx at hotmail...
Sun Dec 18 10:14:31 CET 2011

straw bale is *easy* to build with.  
why get government involved: obfuscating, complicating, increasing prices and bureaucracy? probably ensuring that all SB buildings eventually look identical and are of substandard construction.
Then all SB builders will require certificates to prove they can use a ladder ... etc etc
I hope the ETA european BS never gets its fangs into SB.  
> > Does anyone know if strawbale has been applied for European Tehnical
> > Approval for a construction product to European Organization for
> > Technical Approvals (EOTA)?
> > 
> > Here is the link which says more about ETA
> > http://www.eota.be/en-GB/content/what-is-an-eta/4/
> > 
> > Strawbale is not a standard construction product for which in most
> > countries legacies lack Harmonised Standards.
> > 
> > ETA for strawbale would help all EU countries a lot I think. I would
> > appreciate any info on this.

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