[Strawbale] ESBG and BBBB

Max Vittrup Jensen max at permalot...
Fri Aug 12 20:11:50 CEST 2011

Dear all,
(Sorry; the embedded links caused the mail not to show in the digest 
version, so here's a second attempt)

Sjoerd Tilkema: Thank you much for your positive words, and we're sorry 
you won't join us: To everyone else: If min. 10 more people will sign 
up, we drop the present 240 E price down to 210 euro (and refund 30 euro 
to those of you who paid 240 already). Please help spread the word. 
Register at www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz

As you all likely know a large part of the aim for ESBG 2011 is to be as 
sustainable (financially/socially/environmentally) as in 2007 in Sieben 
Linden, which frankly was the best hosted/faciltated large event I've 
ever taken part of. Thanks to the initial input from 50+ people in our 
survey, and active involvement of the 15 people in our team + some 
locals and sub contractors, then everything is moving along impressively 
and all indicates that everything is going to be excellent: It includes: 
everything from Transport here: 
Bus tour  
Program: http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/esbg/index.html,
Conference: http://goo.gl/YY1Bt
Concert in the castle:  
E-cohabitat market: 
and lastly the National open door event: 
http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/navsteva/in 16 participating SB houses 
in CR. ...and not to forget we'll build the first public owned SB 
building in CZ during ESBG; a bus shelter. (Quite impressive list if you 
ask me!) (And that's not counting the 10 day big bale workshop we'll 
host after the ESBG!). So far we'll be 22 different nations; from 
Portugal to Vladivostok, Finland to Italy.

To help promote the event we now have a homepage: 
www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz linking the various events, and we've even 
started a Facebook profile 
http://www.facebook.com/#%21/profile.php?id=100002243875753(!), aside 
from the LinkedIn group which all participants are invited to join.

Alexis: The Big Bale Building Basics workshop is going on (and there may 
be space for one more free participant), but lets communicate about it 
off this list and not bother the 650 other people with the details. -But 
yes, we made plans to use machines for the big bales as it turns out 
you're not superman after all(!)  ;o)


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