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Sun Aug 7 23:57:46 CEST 2011

Tom Rijven - clay materials in straw building (international workshop)
We invite you to the international workshop with a special celebrity - Tom
Rijven. It will be held in the centre of Europe: 17-21.8., 31.8.-4.9. and
7-11.9 on the borders of the Czech and Slovakian republic during building of
a straw house covered with earth.
Tom Rijven is one of the amazing people concerned with working with clay
materials in straw buildings. He's been doing his job for 18 years and
during this period of time he developed his system of working with clay and
More info on www.natural-building-school.eu in Calendar of events or

Please feel free to send this invitation to whom who may be interested in.
Thank you, Petr Skořepa.

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