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Dear International 'Balers',

Here's an update on the latest ESBG development:

New web page: http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/<http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/esbg/>
(means straw bale building), which not only links to the ESBG, but is also
designed to unify all information about straw bale building in Czech
Republic. It got introduced today through a Czech press release which
promotes some of the following events:

*The optional tours during Tuesday are still a little up in the air, due to
lack of registration for them; we may limit it to only one tour; the one
touring Czech straw bale passive homes, but add a visit to www.claygar.cz to
see fabrication of commercial earthen plaster and C.E.B. with an Oskam

*During one of the Wednesday workshops we'll construct the first public
building out of straw bales: in cooperation with locals and the municipality
we have arranged that we'll build a hexagon straw bale bus stop based on Tom
Rijven's design and C.U.T. technique (wooden elements will be pre-fab).
We'll get closer to finalizing it during Saturday 27/8. Another workshop
will be led by Kuba Wihan, who'll show how to insulate a 130 year old stone
wall with custom made bales. We encourage other participants to join and
lead workshops; please contact us and we'll find a place and materials to
apply your specialty....green roofs anyone?   The DragOn sprayer is on it's
way... Fano is in charge of workshops.

*We are now in process of getting the first contributions for topics by
participants for the Open Door event on the Thursday, and we welcome
suggestions from anyone, (also folks not joining the ESBG) for serious
topics to be discussed during the 'World Cafe' planned for Thursday night.
Which topics do we need international input and decision on? Is the time
right for a European SB umbrella organization? For European wide 'open door
at SB homes'? SB education?  Let us know; we aim to get work groups
established, just like what happened at ESBG07. This will also be the event
for participants to debate the location of ESBG13......Any suggestions?
(Greenland?). Zorka/David are the central facilitators.

*The Friday ESBC-onference has shaped up very nicely, as you can see on the
new online conference presentation Thomas just made:
http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/esbg/index.html Our technician team, Tomas
and Stanislav, is planning every detail of the simultaneous translated event
hosted by the nearby municipality (Quite suiting in the old vaulted pig-pen
of the castle!), and we hope all presentations will be ready in good time to
create an impressive event. We have found a poster printing sponsor, and
we're about to contact participants of all of the 22 different countries to
arrange to have all make their own A1 digital version of a national SB
poster which we'll print for the ESBG. All of the ESBG, and espeicially the
conference will be filmed by Michal.

*Friday night the magnificent Bouzov castle is cooperating with us about
hosting a concert with the celtic music band www.poitin.cz, to the extend
that they event offered that participants only joining for the concert may
sleep in the castle park! We have a feeling it's going to be a night to
remember; you even have the option to go for a guided night tour of the
castle (for a surcharge). Martina is in charge of this.

*During Saturday we'll continue with the workshops, but as it's a weekend
with hot air balloons over Bouzov and many visitors, we also host an
E-Cohabitat event with farmers market and a large variation of exhibitors,
from natural building supplies to organic personal care. ...oh, and a mobile
eco-cinema! [Let us know if you want to rent a stall for your products].
We'll officially finalize the ESBG around 4 pm, the E-Cohabitat around 5 pm,
but a few house after there's a party around the balloons by the castle for
those who's not rushing home...
Petra manages E-Cohabitat.

*And those of you for those of you heading home (and able to use online
translation services) may want to enjoy this list of homes open for public
visit on Sunday 28/7,  http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/navsteva/ This part
is run by Jan F. and Tomas.

...But you'll be missing out, 'cause ESBG 2011 is changing the construction
sites in C.R. this summer:
Some of you will stay for our EU sponsored 10 day workshop focused on
learning all about Big Bale Building from 1-10/9, (Apply here:
http://permalot.org/en/Application+BBBB ) others may opt to join Tom
Rijven's hexagon C.U.T. SB building workshop by the border of CZ/SK before
and after the ESBG, or perhaps a visit to the home of Franta, our cook to
help him and Kuba making a 'straw hat' (insulation) on a house, or join the
Amazonail workshop hosted by Kuba, Ray and Barbara later in September?

Naturally, all of the above takes a lot of practical work input to
establish. Should some of you be able to lend a hand before the ESBG it'll
be much appreciated, (though we're very limited in our ability to give ESBG
discounts). I'm on top (!?) of infrastructure.

For those of you still wanting to join the fun: head on to
<http://www.slamenestavitelstvi.cz/esbg/>and click on the registration
link; Lea will help you from there. Be aware
that there's good possibilities for car and accommodation share; there's
online lists to register on. Lea and Blanka are in charge of these issues.

May your bales be dry and your mud wet,

On behalf of the ESBG team: Lea, Martina, Blanka, Zorka, David, Radka,
James, Fano, Honza, Honza, Thomas, Ales, Stanislav, Franta

PS: Are you all aware that the main reason for arranging the ESBG this year
is to celebrate Tom Rijven's 65 year B-day?  (Any bets on when he'll

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