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I can not say about the fungus in the clay. We in Central Asia using the formwork for the construction of adobe walls. walling is being phased, that is, one day not more than one series. but it still depends on the weather. as drying formwork is moved above and erect a new layer. and let the clay mixed with straw for boshey strength and ligaments.  
Sat, 23 Apr 2011 23:14:38 +0200 письмо от Cas Mol <chwmol at hotmail.com>:

Hello Everybody,

I’m building my house in Belgium and I just started rendering the bales on the outside with clay (loam).
I added some ulexite (sodium calcium borate, a natural mineral) against fungus. I’ve also added soda (sodium carbonate). This lowers the viscosity of the clay so I can use less water which should give me less drying shrinkage.
Anybody any experience with these materials?
Best Regards,
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