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On Wed, 20 Apr 2011 04:26:44 -0400, Gernot Minke <minke at asl...-kassel.de>

> Dear All,
> we are happy to tell you that we got the allowance to build the first  
> loadbearing strawbale vaults in Germany!
> They will be erected during an international workshop from 29. Aug. to  
> 10.Sept. 2011 in Wangelin.
> We are working in 4 groups of 6 people each and each group should have  
> persons from 6 diferent countries.
> More details and application forms you will find on  www.gernotminke.de   
> under "Aktuelles".

Interesting that this announcement should be made almost exactly 10 years
(+/- a couple of months) after the "official" completion of the vaulted
SBH of the late Lou Harrison that was built by the Skillful Meany and his
cronies in California.


or if the above link gets broken:


If this trend continues, should we not expect to see a Code-approved  
vaulted SBH in the UK until 2022 ?(since we all know that the UK typically  
lags behind Germany in technical matters, despite whatever Mr. Bean tries  
to insinuate) ?

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