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Hello Paul.My name is Ruth Shaashua. 30 years old, Israeli civil engineer. I am following Bill and Athena Steen wonderful work for the last 5 years, since my green apprenticeship at kibbutz Lotan.It will be a great opportunity to learn from Thea's specialist since they are coming to Europe.end my interest in green sustainable building.My question is if there is a funding possibility for non EU resident.
Sincerely.Ruth Shaashua.
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Subject: [Strawbale] Bill and Athena Steen European tour 2011
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Hello Again all! Apparently there was a problem with a few of the links on the last mail I sent so here is an updated version also with translations in French and Spanish, Nice eh!
Good luck.

Best regards,

Paul Lynch/Manager
The Natural Building Company Oy
00358 44 2509663
paul at naturalbuilding...://thenaturalbuildingblog.blogspot.com/Skype address - paul.g.lynch

Y-tunnus 2254617-8

Version espagnol, français et anglais
Living Houses - Denmark, The Natural Building Company - Finland,La Maison en Paille - France & Camping Arbizu - Basque Country are proud to invite you to  a multi-session course with
Bill and Athena Steen (USA)

Enhancing the teaching methods of European Natural Building Teachers - Focusing on clay plasters, earthen floors and decoration techniques
To be held in
Friland -  Denmark - 20th-24th AugustHelsinki - Finland - 1st-6th SeptemberAngoulême -  France - 14th–19th SeptemberArbizu - The Basque Country - 26th
 Sept - 1st Oct
A limited number of fully-funded places are available. Deadline for funding applications 29th April 2011!
The sessions are a part of the Grundtvig Comenius LLP programme, and are suitable for anyone teaching, or interested in teaching natural building.

Bill and Athena Steen have more than 20 years of
 experience in
 education,  straw bale building and earthen plasters. They are also prolific writers and have published a number of books about straw bale and natural building, They have been invited to Europe to teach their expertise in running workshops, artistic plastering techniques and earthen floors and to share their theoretical and practical knowledge in all things to do with natural building. The participants of their previous courses can attest to their high level of commitment to their work and to the workshop group. Check out their website

All sessions will focus on how to
 teach clay decoration techniques, earthen floors, and finishing techniques. A full program is available on request.
All workshops are for an international audience and will be conducted in English. The French session will be in English and French.

The price for the French, Finnish and Basque sessions is € 1700,- Accommodation and all meals included.

There is no funding available for the Danish course. Please contact jomorandin at gmail... for more information.

Registration and Funding
The course is listed under the EU Life Long Learning Grundtvig programme.
 available for non-Finnish EU residents in the Finnish session, non-French EU residents in the French session and non-Spanish EU residents in the Basque session for full board, accommodation,
course fees and transport costs.

Please inform the relevant course organiser if you are applying for funding.
The course
 reference number is   DK-2011-048-003
For instructions on how to apply for funding, click here. 
For further advice on applying for funding please contact jomorandin at gmail.com. 

To register for a session, please contact the relevant course organiser:

Denmark - Jo Morandin: jomorandin at gmail...
Finland - Paul Lynch: paul at naturalbuilding...
France - André De Bouter: contact at lamaisonenpaille...
Basque Country - Susanna Sureda: susanna at campingarbizu...


Session locations and logistics
STAGE 1Friland – Denmark 20th–24th August 2011

Please contact us for information about the program, price and registration for this workshop.
Friland is a mortgage-free, intentional community, located 35kms north-east of Aarhus, Denmark Website  Google mapIt offers a living example of environmental design. We'll experience its physical
 social systems as part of the workshop. Feldballe is surrounded by large forests, swimming lakes and is ideal for walking and cycling. Friland is easily accessible by public transport.Organic vegetarian food will be provided. Allergies and
 special diets can be catered for.
For any advice, questions or further information, please contact Jo Morandin: jomorandin at gmail.... Tlf: +45 8668 0505. Mobile: +45 2390 0924

STAGE 2Helsinki - Finland 1st-6th September 2011

 Villa Svalvik  		                    The Snellman College                                        The sauna
Villa Svalvik, Helsinki Finland  Google mapLocated on a beautiful beach just 10 mins bus drive away from Helsinki centre, this location is shared by Villa Svalvik and the Finnish Rudolf Steiner College,Snellman Korkeakoulu
During this course we will do clay finishing work on a straw bale ateljé and an old log building. At the end of the day you can experience a bath in the beautiful traditional Finnish sauna by the
Accommodation and food will be provided at the college.Allergies and special diets can be catered for.
Short story about the project and buildings
For any advice, questions or further information, please contact Paul Lynch: paul at naturalbuilding...   Tlf: +358 44 2509663   website

STAGE 3L’Oasis - France 14th - 19th Sept 2011

L'Oasis, Les Pellières
L’Oasis is the home base
 the training center “La Maison en Paille” (the straw house), specialized in straw bale building. It’s a 200 year old stone building with courtyard that previously served as a Cognac distillery and restaurant.It is situated in the Cognac region, 1 km from the Charente river that is boarded by flowing hills that are covered with vines, small forests and old stone villages.  L’Oasis is easily accessible by train from Paris and Bordeaux.	
Website    Google map
We are currently transforming the building into an ecological lodge and showcase of earth and lime plasters. The work with Bill & Athena Steen will add a highly decorative finishing touch.
Organic and mostly vegetarian ‘cuisine’ will be provided. We make a point of combining work with the French way of life. Allergies and special diets can be catered for.
For any advice, questions or further information, please contact:André de Bouter: contact at lamaisonenpaille... Tlf: +33 545 662768(please only use email from 6th-11th of April)

STAGE 4Arbizu - Basque Country27th Sept - 2nd Oct 2011

This is the first Campsite in Navarre that is being built under ecological, bioclimatic and sustainability criteria. Near the little village called Arbizu, in a green valley surrounded by spectacular mountains covered in oak woods and beech forests, in a quiet but very well communicated place, 40km. from Pamplona. Situated in the centre of Basque Country, with traditions, history and art
 dating back centuries.
Google map
For any advice, questions or further information, please contact:Susanna Sureda: susanna at campingarbizu...Tlf. +34 627040358

 forward to other interested persons and lists

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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