[Strawbale] How to run chminey through strawbale wall?

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Sun Sep 26 17:39:43 CEST 2010

Hi Dirk. If you have not already received an answer for this...here's mine.
Simply box it out. Frame a small box with the required setbacks from the
pipe manufacturer. Place that in the wall and run the pipe through. Follow
the setback requirements for insulation type and location and insulate
accordingly. Run the box the full width of the bales so that it can be well
anchored into the wall and does not require any straw stuffing around it. I
suggest you use plywood on both sides (if allowed by the specifications) and
cut the specified sized hole in it. This way you can insulated the box and
it won't fall out. in addition, you can cover the plywood with roofing felt
and lath and plaster straight over it. Good luck.


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>  Hi all,
> I'd like to know a safe way to run a woodstove chimney horizontally through
> a strawbale wall.  I'm using a double walled stainless steel chimney (3cm
> mineral insulation between the two shells).
> Thanks for the tips,
> Dirk
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