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Fri Sep 10 20:02:10 CEST 2010

      Hoy good strawballers all over Europa.
      Here in Norway, where we have been building SB-houses since short after the 2. WW, we have a lot of expirense with "post and beam".
      The lates we are working on at the moment. (se photos).  Best wishes from Piet in Norway

      The Walter Segal method is a post and bean/strawbale construction method. I guess there will be a website. WS was an architect who taught at Hull university in the 70's I think. Two of his students have built a WS house in Belford, Northumberland, UK

      Eileen Sutherland 

      Bulgarian mob 0899896442    
      UK mob 07857890805


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        Can anybody tell me where could I read more about post & beam structures as strawbale building method?


Jure Pozar, 

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