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Greetings to all European Strawbalers!

in the name ofwww.strawbale-net.eu  team i would like to invite you all
to join us in what will hopefully become a vibrant online community of
Europe based strawbalers of all kinds!

Since two years ago we have been trying to put this project together and
although it is still far from being perfect we feel we are ready now to
share it with all of you. There is still a lot that could look better on
the web and still some content to fill in but the main tools are there
and we would like to see them come alive now. Please join us and
register as a member atwww.strawbale-net.eu  and publish your thoughts
in the forum, your events in the events section and any interesting info
you'd like to share in the blog.

We are currently also working with the European Leonardo group and they
will in the future be using our website as their "notice board" and
online working platform. This invitation is indeed to all the strawbale
groups across Europe - we want to create and offer the tools for easeful
and effective cooperation, communication and information sharing - so
that the European strawbale community can thrive! So let us know if you
want to use our website!

I would like here to say my thanks to all who helped to get us where we
are: most of all Vlado Brucker from Slovakia, our webmaster, Kuba Wihan
and Barbara Jones for resources section (that is not there yet, but soon
will be:), Charlotte Mannstead for helping me at the very beginning and
at whose house in Denmark the idea of this website got born, Karen
Hjermind for nice crisp logo, Lindsay Round-Turner for a cool map tool,
Oliver Swann for very cool search tool and many many more for
conversations, feedback, encouragement and most of all to all of you for
your patience with us!

Please spread the news among your network!
on behalf of thewww.strawbale-net.eu
Nora Kasanicka

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