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Thanks very much for that link, Henk. I've not heard of Rogge. Is it what we would call rye?

best wishes

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I have a client in Begijnendijk who used rogge and spelt. Rogge is stronger.



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Hi All

We have a straw bale building in progress on an organic farm in Yorkshire. We are using the farmers own spelt straw and I was wondering if this was unique or if there are other spelt straw buildings in Europe?
best wishes
Carol Atkinson




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I'm surprised that people have mentioned a connection between Walter
Segal and strawbale because I was not aware of it before.
Segal developed a method of building that was designed to be simple to
use by unskilled people. It uses pad foundations, timber frame studding
and dry panel infill. The studding is set at such spacing that the
infill panels do not need to be cut. One aim is to eliminate wet trades
such as bricklaying and plastering.
So while strawbales can be used as infill with timber studding, I'm
surprised if Walter Segal had anything to do with it. If anybody has any
references to his involvement, I'd be very interested.
Walter Segal wrote some books in the late 40s. These include "Home and
Environment", "Housing: the post-war work of the London County Council",
and "Planning and Transport: their effects on industry and residence
(Building and Society.)" but they're out of print.
Jon Broome's excellent book "The Green Self-build Book" has a
description of the Segal method. The two worked together.
This web page
provides a summary and some links to other pages.
Cheers, Dave
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