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Dear Max,

Thanks for your analytic comment on Cembrit's Functional Board. I see the future of it on modular building houses, as a substitute for OSB panels. As Italian had some year and a half before (disastress earthquake in L'Aquila), we had it here in Kraljevo couple of weeks ago, with lesser intensity, but very big number of houses are damaged. Government helped here as in Italia, and the certain number of modular houses is provided for them, as temporary solution. With fibrecement boards instead of OSB in those structures, rigidity and lifetime of those homes would be greater. Still, this is only my personal opinion...

I will be glad to be at your diposal for further steps about DragOn and your interest to become reseller. We have very good programs. As you are one of the rare ones who noticed DragOn word play. Somewhere, somewhen, I can tell you the story about making and name choosing for the DragOn.

Best regards,
Bane M. Prvanovic

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  Dear Jure & others,

  Re: Cracking of earth plaster on wooden boards (or anything else for that sake).
  I'm by far a good plasterer, however I feel confident in telling that even in Slovenia you'll find old expertise in handling this problem as the 130 year old Moravian farmhouse we live in displays the traditional solution at various places: Mount reeds (with about 1 cm between each strand), this will provide the grip and a buffer which counteracts the cracking caused by wood's natural expansion/settlement. Naturally, nowadays you can buy rolls of reeds held together with tiny steel wires exactly for this purpose; Hungary is a big exporter, but maybe you have a natural production too.

  And while I'm happy to hear about virtues of Czech products, (even better Danish products made in Czech!), then I also have to provide a different view:

  Ecopanels: (8 cm highly compressed straw, wrapped by paper, comes in 80 or 120cm width x length of your choice).
  Problem with these panels is their weight. Easily 60 kg for the typical size of 120x 220cm. This also indicates that the insulation is inferior, (however that's not why it's recommended for your application anyhow). We use them for interior upstairs partition walls, as the weight is less than an adobe wall (which I like downstairs), and is much more eco and effective than the standard drywall partition walls. I'd also recommend them for hotel use, as they are more solid, easier to maintain, than flimsy drywall. They are made by Pardubice, Czech Republic, by the start of the mighty Labe/Elbe, so you Belgian/Dutch users should look at having them moved by barge.

  Cembrit (That's the DK company which merged with a Czech one): I don't have experience with it, however as it's made from cement and lime, it's a material I'd rather prefer not to have in the interior, and try to eliminate due to embodied energy; (though it's made only 40 km from us).

  Last but not least: DRAGON, the new concept plaster sprayer: Love the word play in the name, seems good on the video, am grateful for your offer, and I'll get back to you regarding details, also to become a national reseller.



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