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Fri Nov 26 05:02:43 CET 2010

Dear Max,

1. Thanks for your good wishes for our factory. I think all of you will be able to read/hear/see a lot of information about it, when the right moment comes.

2. As for the ESBG 2011, our contribution will not be working hours, but reducing it on straw-bale walls covering, so here is my official statement:

For ESBG 2011 we (GPB Solutions) will rent free of charge two guns: DragOn PRO Mortar and DragOn PRO S Mortar. Beside this, I will be glad to advise best usage of DragOn guns, material preparation and worksite organisation, regarding to type of coating choosen for ESBG 2011 project's straw-bale walls. I am asking organisators to contact me, so we can determine further steps.

Photos, videos and comments from ESBG 2011. will be appreciated and welcomed. If i could steal a couple of days then, I will be glad to pay a short visit to ESBG 2011 project.

Also for the record: I declare at least splitting in half working hours on plastering/rendering/mortaring process for ESBG 2011, comparing to any method planned.

3. For your house Max, I would like to have description of project, so we can discuss it further.

4. Regarding to last (juicy) discussion:
I am strong advocate of plastering straw-bale walls from both sides and ventilation of walls/floors/roofs in any building system. Beeing a witness to many projects which looks good when finished, but showing all wrong decisions in first 1 to 5 years of use, I can give next advice:
Unexpected and unexperienced climate situations in next 50 years should lead anyone who wants to build today, to consider temperature range of 100 degrees and humidity range of 100 percents. Forget local climate conditions in last 50 years, take a look into the future and my 100/100 advice...

5. Regarding to OSB panels usage, I also have a question:
Did anyone considered usage of other boards instead of OSB? I personally recommend to all of OSB panels supporters to reconsider OSB usage after visiting http://www.cembrit.cz/internit-lw/. Peter (from France) also said that there are a lot of better solutions beside OSB, so I wil be glad to hear about others opinion(s).

Best regards,
Bane M. Prvanovic

GPB Solutions d.o.o.
Celopecka 8
11000 Beograd

t / f +381 11 386 23 29
m + 381 60 711 0 211
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  Ah, Lovely; a juicy discussion!

  1) Mr. Bane; Thank you for your clarifications, very appreciated, and good luck on your factory. And none-the-least: Can you supply a http://www.dragongpb.com/ENG.html for the ESBG 2011!!!!  [I need one badly for my house ;o) ]

  2) Peter van Bale(n): Eh...what can I say? "Touche"?  As mentioned I'm going on "due to my non-scientific gut feeling", an yes it's a very valid point that I ought to look into the difference by using drywall. I'd appreciate if you could mail me the other methods you refer to?
  And to your direct question; No, I've never used a moisture sensors; never could afford them, and apart from being a paid worker on SB sites, then the only residential building I'm working on is my own.

  3) Herbert: Very good information. Are you able to forward me the German text about the Czech made OSB boards? Their own site ( http://en.kronospan.cz/osb-superfinish-eco.html )  claims there's no formaldehyde, however you're referring to " Kronotec", perhaps different product/company?
  And about Austria having enough wood: In such case, would you mind telling them not to keep importing the lumber from my surrounding forests here in Moravia? :oP

  4) Paul: Nice blog, good luck with it. I don't want to be a spoil-sport, but I generally find there's more to gain by creating synergy. I left the board of Natural Building Network this summer and as such can't speak for them, however I think they would appreciate another European board member, or simply volunteer. They already have a well build site with loads of daily hits, however lack the time to maintain it. There's also a .ning site which I started as a bonus for the paying NBN members (you get access when you pay membership), which is a platform much like what you describe you're creating now. All in all, I'd like to recommend all of you who have wider interest than simply straw bale building to boost the resource of Natural Building Network. www.nbnetwork.com

  5) Derelict: Lovely to see we agree!



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