[Strawbale] Europe's largest strawbale building

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Fri Nov 19 06:54:30 CET 2010

Max we haven't met but thank you for all you have done so far, both with the ESBG11 and with your bold advancing moves to push the SB cause in the EUs direction. It should sensibly be there already but money talks louder than sense to these people so I hope your inteview with the young lady is heard and that she speaks loudly...

I too am very surprised that only 20 people have replied to the survey. Come on people, get in there. Also don't forget to support the wonderful new webpages that have been launched for the SB society. It needs a lot of content and commitment from all the Straw Balers out there. It could be a great tool if used well http://www.strawbale-net.eu/..

Thanks agin

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The Natural Building Company
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paul at naturalbuilding...

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